FREE is a Westerly Centaur, a 26ft bilge keel yacht. An elderly but respected design from the 1970s. Westerly Centaurs are considered capable, roomy with (unusually for such a small boat) standing headroom.

FREE is a typical condition, Type B, layout, with a recent re-engine to a Beta Marine 20

FREE was already named FREE when we got her. We have no intention of changing her name as it is an apt and succinctly aspirational name. Hopefully she will set us free.

I am a 46 year old IT consultant with very little sailing experience, dubious DIY skills and little to no appreciation for aesthetics.

Luckily I have Her. She Is my partner and keeps me trying harder to do the right thing when I’m tempted to say “that’s goodenuff”. She is Internet-shy, and shuns social media so when I refer to Her or She, that will be my significant other, not the boat!

This site will hopefully document the transformation of all 3 of us over time. Hopefully into capable sailors and an even more capable boat.

If you need to contact me, try this: