More Saloon Paint.

Another flying visit to the boat for more work on the saloon.

I fiddled with the lighting and the interior bulkhead panel whilst She put another coat of paint on the ceiling. I think we can safely say that the insulation is working. Even though the sun was out it barely got above 10 degrees Celsius, but it was pleasant inside. We had about 10 tea lights burning which kept the chill at bay.

We’ve decided to try and make some window frames to cover the join/junction where the foam meets the windows. The best way would certainly to have taken the windows out, have them refurbished and resealed and put back in and pinched the foam between it when putting the windows back in, but I had no intension of redoing the windows, or the expense and time that would entail.

So I tried to neatly trim the foam around the windows.

And the result was hideous. There are no photos. Suffice it to say these new wooden frames will hide the ghastly hatchet/Stanley blade massacre.

She came up with the ingenious idea of using greaseproof paper to trace the outline of where the frame should go to. A skill garnered from cheating at Art homework apparently…

Greaseproof paper template.

The tides were once again at unsociable hours so it was a one day effort. We decided to mix it up on Sunday with a trip to the moors.

I’d forgotten how beautiful Dartmoor is. We found a great spot to camp for the night and then went walking through forests and up Sheeps Tor and back to the VW before a pub dinner in The Plume of Feathers, Princetown.


What a beautiful camping spot.



A jolly enjoyable weekend.

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