This Old Boat – Don Casey

This Old Boat
Fixing up an old boat on a budget

I’ve recently bought this book from Amazon for the princely sum of £8 including delivery.  I heartily recommend it to anyone who hasn’t heard of it and is considering buying a boat. The first chapter alone will probably save you thousands of pounds and if not that, hours and hours of heartache.

It is also available in a more recent reprint and brought more up to date, but cheapskate that I am, I went for the original edition.

Of course I’m probably preaching to the converted but if I do happen to find any new potential acolytes then you would probably find the following websites of interest too. The general theme of them all is boating on a budget, common sense, avoiding the hype and bullshit.

In no particular order and apologies if you think you should be on here and I’ve missed you out.

Volkscruiser – the perpetual search for a boat For The People – Like the VW was the Peoples Car

Boat Bits – Bob’s common sense perspective to boating

Shoestring Sailing – exactly what it says on the tin

Small Boat Projects – A digest of inspiring projects

That’ll do for now.