Saloon Update

Toes Out The Tailgate #TOTT
Toes Out The Tailgate #TOTT

We picked another superb weekend for going down to the boat to try and make some progress on the saloon insulation/headlining. We stopped in the VW at a favourite spot and watched the sun go down whilst eating dinner.  When we got to the boat, I quickly went aboard, armed with yet more bungee cords to check the lines that were recently reported “frapping” in the strong breeze.

The next morning we got on board and started putting the insulation up.
The PE Foam went up fairly straightforwardly. We decided to do the ceiling in two pieces from side to side, leaving two part-pieces either side of the hatch. The cabin sides were done in one length each side, cut off to length in the back of each storage bin, hopefully providing some protection against condensation in the storage bins too.


Of course, in the same way that I did when doing the V-Berth, I forgot to do the LED lights until I’d already stuck the foam to the ceiling. You would think I would remember by now…

She then applied the first coat of undercoat acrylic paint to the foam and the pine panelling of the bulkhead.


It’ll need at least another coat of undercoat and two more of the final off-white colour.


This is how we left it. Quite slow work due to the unseasonable October sunshine and far too much time spent with drink in hand in the cockpit rather than brush in hand in the cabin!

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    1. Absolutely Alan. Welcome to this little corner of the internet! I check on Autarkia’s progress daily. Keep your chin up and keep on keeping on. She’s looking beautiful in a purposeful, purple kind of way 😉

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