September Stripping

We spent the weekend aboard on the mooring preparing the salon area for the same treatment as the v-berth.

September Morning Fog

The above photo was taken Sunday morning, thick fog and a gorgeous warm sun slowly revealing the boats as it burned the fog off.

Stripping off the old headlining which suffered from “Westerly Droop” and cleaning back the glue to the fibreglass. The black dust gets everywhere!

Removing the saggy 40 year old headlining.
Starboard lining removal
Lining removed but most of the foam and glue still yet to come off.

The side lockers/storage under the windows were held up with a cargo-net and Velcro arrangement which isn’t particularly effective or satisfactory. We plan to come up with a 6mm stainless steel rod and curtain affair to try and tidy up that area. I will document that when we get to it.

The bulkhead that is currently pine-clad will be painted white to brighten up and make the space feel a bit more open.