Wind Stops Play

It’s been a bit of a vicious weekend with regard to the wind and waves around the coasts of the UK this weekend. Six tragic deaths. With those reports in the news, it was discretion that became the better part of valour when contemplating rowing out to ‘Free’ this weekend to do some planned jobs.

We had arrived late Friday night with the plan of me getting up early and rowing across to the boat on the early (0800hrs) high tide. I got up, but didn’t relish the thought of even attempting to row across.
The wind was consistently 20 knots, gusting 30+knots.  The inflatable dinghy is a pain to row at the best of times and I just didn’t want to be another of those statistics, being rescued, or worse.

After discussion with several of the boatyard regulars, there seem to be four options:

  1. Change the inflatable for a dinghy that can row properly.
  2. Get a suitable outboard (2-3hp, 2 stroke or 4 stroke)
  3. Get an electric outboard and a battery.
  4. Do nothing, put up with your current situation.

Option 1: has some appeal. I like the look of this nesting pram:

Eastport Nesting Pram
Nesting Pram available to build from plans or kit.

I like the fact that it nests inside itself and about 4ft in length, it might even fit between the mast and spray hood, though I’ve not measured this yet. It looks like a fun project anyhow.

Option 2: 2 stroke or 4 stroke. 2 strokes are lighter, but they do dump their oil in the sea. 4 strokes are heavier. Both have the inconvenience of smelling of petrol, having to store it somewhere, fairly expensive purchases. However I do think we would probably get off the boat more readily and explore the area with an outboard. Plus the speed/noise will definitely appeal to Her. I’m tempted by the Honda 2.3 Air-cooled 4 stroke.
Dylan Winter sang their praises here.

Option 3: Is appealing too. They’re quiet, relatively inexpensive, reliable, environmentally friendly, smell free, light, small. However I have my doubts about their range. Anecdotal evidence suggest that a 55 lb thrust motor might last a couple of hours on an 85AHr battery. About as big a battery as I’d want to hump around into and out of the dinghy.

Option 4: is winning so far.

So we had a VW day instead.

We found a lovely new spot for the camper, ate and drank like royalty. We walked, picked blackberries and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

We also stumbled upon a fabulous little cafe at Freathy Farmhouse.

Pallet-wood tables, up-cycled light-boxes, hand-crafted decorations.

Their use of pallet wood, reclaimed timber, hand crafted decorations and home-built lighting really hit a chord with Her. Very much our taste and very like the interior of the VW. A gem in the corner of Cornwall and if you ever find yourself that way, do check it out.

Tallulah (“Lulah”) was a delightful host.
Tea cakes on a wood-turned roundel of trunk with a Lavender sprig. A nice touch.

Having looked at their website since coming back I suspect we’ll be going back for more!


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