Back in the water

I’ve been remiss in blogging and so I’ll make an effort to catch up with our adventures and keep on top of them in future!

Back in April we were down for the wedding of our friends and we took the time to extend our break and booked the boatyard to get her launched.

Waiting for the tide and the crane I took the opportunity to do some fettling whilst She tidied and fettled the campervan. I had said that I’d get Her before it all happened so She could watch…

Mid-fettle, I felt the boat lifted up! I tried to get Her on the phone but She didn’t answer and before we both knew it we were floating on the slip beside a very large and expensive catamaran. She managed to get there to watch the last of it but only by luck.

Dwarfed by the beautiful, but large and impossibly expensive catamaran.

I managed to warp her past the Cat without incident and tie up to the jetty. Big sighs of relief!

In the water after a winter ashore.


Next up we go sailing and stay aboard for 4 days.

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