Back in the water

I’ve been remiss in blogging and so I’ll make an effort to catch up with our adventures and keep on top of them in future!

Back in April we were down for the wedding of our friends and we took the time to extend our break and booked the boatyard to get her launched.

Waiting for the tide and the crane I took the opportunity to do some fettling whilst She tidied and fettled the campervan. I had said that I’d get Her before it all happened so She could watch…

Mid-fettle, I felt the boat lifted up! I tried to get Her on the phone but She didn’t answer and before we both knew it we were floating on the slip beside a very large and expensive catamaran. She managed to get there to watch the last of it but only by luck.

Dwarfed by the beautiful, but large and impossibly expensive catamaran.

I managed to warp her past the Cat without incident and tie up to the jetty. Big sighs of relief!

In the water after a winter ashore.


Next up we go sailing and stay aboard for 4 days.

Easter Update – Storm Katie Reigns and Rains.

We  spent a few days down at the boat during the Easter break. My main focus was to still try and reduce the rain water ingress and to fit the Instrument Panel back.

Some successes to report are that the portlights which were removed, restored and re-bedded last visit have so far shown no signs of leaking.

Even more pleasing is that the aft locker which always had an inch or more water in was bone dry after the work we’d done on the cockpit seats.

In the previous post I was quite disparaging about the woodwork of the box that the instrument was in. I proceeded to try and improve on the situation but despite a day of sawing, sanding, grooving, sanding, climbing up and down ladders all I seem to have done is duplicate the original shoddy box in new ply.

Even though it looked watertight from the outside and fairly neat, with butyl tape holding the water out, when I inspected the quarter-berth underneath it the next day, I found more water than usual. So I started again and re-bedded it and have yet to see whether it was successful at holding the rain out.

That was about ALL of the work attempted on the boat this break. We had a few excursions to break up the boatiness of the escape.

“Shopping” in Plymouth, though we came away with out anything. (Success)
We tried on some expensive Musto gear in a chandlers. Mainly to get an idea of what size to look for on eBay. I do feel a bit guilty about abusing the Chandlers in this manner but it has to be done. Top of the range Musto HPX sailing suits retail at over £1000 each, and that’s not in my price range. Ever.
But they do occasionally pop up on eBay and you can probably get a decent set for under £400 if you wait and pounce. Even  that amount of money gives me a dry mouth for a coat and posh dungarees!

Fowey was lovely. I couldn’t help noticing another Westerly on the pontoon so went down to have a chat. The boat, Tor Renown was a Westerly Renown, a much larger version than ours at 32 feet and he was doing a good job of fixing her up. The skipper Graham was gracious enough to invite me on board and she was positively palatial in size.

*Update – Graham has recently posted a video of Tor Renown’s restoration

Falmouth warranted a visit and we spent some time walking around the coastline by Pendennis Castle. The sun was out and the weather was gorgeous. Ice cream slurping and rockpool gazing were the main order of the day. We met a very cool guy, van-living in a converted ambulance. He was an engineer and if that sounds “pikey” – it was anything but! He’d done a fabulous job on the conversion and had some great tips on van-living that might come in useful if we ever want to extend our length of escapes from the current record of 8 days without a campsite.

One thing that Storm Katie allowed me to do was a bit of rope splicing!
I had found a “thimble” in the newly dried out back locker and wanted a better setup for mooring – as the rope I had been using was chafing rather disconcertingly.

So You-Tube to the rescue and here is my first attempt at a three strand eye spice with a thimble:


I’m quite pleased with the result!