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  1. I also have a Westerly Centaur and have the same problem as you have had with corroded port lights although mine appear to be somewhat worse. I have purchased new seals from Trafalgar yachts which are a much softer round rubber material. The original ones are square profile and quite hard rubber but this might be the ageing process.
    Did your alloy frames need rebuilding where they had corroded and if so what material did you use to fill with. Any advice you can give would be much appreciated, as I want to retain the original style of the port lights however replacements at £245 each from Trafalgar is a bit too much.

    Mike Baker

    1. Hi Mike, and thanks for commenting on my little corner of the Internet and my project.
      I don’t think I needed to do any more than clean mine with a wire brush and a scraper for the more stubborn bits of paint. When I say I, of course I mean She…

      When I next go down I can take some more telling, close up pictures of the portlights as they are now and you can tell me otherwise!

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