V-Berth Renovation part 2

You’ll remember from part 1 that the v-berth was claustrophobic and poorly insulated and our plan was to insulate with some PE foam and paint to an aesthetically pleasing colour.

Well I took a few days off work to try and make some progress on the v-berth. Much slower than I imagined it would be! Working on a boat takes so much longer than even normal DIY.


imageSomeone sometime working out some complex finances? I like to think it was scrawling from when the boat was originally built but it could have been anytime in the last 40 years I suppose:

imageI managed to forget that I needed the wires for the LED to go behind the foam:


imageEventually it was all foamed up! Time for some paint:

imageThe first coat was disheartening – I was beginning to think that it looked better grey! At least Free would be in good company!

But a few more coats and Free now looks like this:



Still plenty more to do to complete the v-berth though.

A trim around the arch companionway to tidy and protect the foam edge. A trim around the square hatch above for the same reasons.
Some switches for the new lights.
Complete the anchor chain locker access flap. This was attached to a bit of flimsy ply when we took it apart.

I do wonder about the longevity and suitability of PE foam for this project already…

Twice I managed to slip with a screwdriver putting the shelf boards up and twice stabbed straight through the foam.

Time will tell.

Costs so far:

Probably about 10sqm of foam @ £3.60/sqm = £36
3 tins of paint @ £13 a tin                                = £39
3 tins of spray adhesive @ £6                          = £18
2 LEDs @ £5 each                                             = £10

TOTAL                                                                = £103


My main concern now is that in a nicely insulated cocoon we have two massive chunks of metal portlights straight through the hull acting as Condensation Magnets right above our heads!

Portlight Renovation part 2

You’ll remember that as part of the v-berth renovation the portlights were removed as they were covered in cracked paint and corrosion.

Well She spent the best part of a day on each one with a wire-brush-drill thingy to remove the paint and corrosion and they look much much better:


I’ve bought some replacement seals from Trafalgar Yacht Services and they just needed superglueing in place.

The knobs will need cleaning down to the base metal, at a later date. 

Cost so far:

2 seals @£3.50 each = £7.00